Thursday, October 20, 2005

Crappy New Franchise - Part 2*

Okay, this is just plain stupid.

A new franchise is available to anyone who wants to pick up dog poop. It's called - I'm not kidding - Wholly Crap. They specialize in pet waste removal and their slogan is, "We'll take the crap so you don't have to."

Shoot, instead of buying their franchise for $15,000, I'll just get me some plastic bags and open up my own business. I think I'll call it Super Pooper.

UPDATE: Another one! These franchises are pooping popping up all over the place. I guess Doody Calls! That's right, another stupid name for a stupid business opportunity. Well, if one selling point of a franchise is name recognition, then give 'em points for creativity. With no track record, you have to "go on" something.

(* First reported Sept 17, 2005)

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