Saturday, October 22, 2005

GBC - The Interview

For Bloggin' Outloud (FBO - me!) sat down via email the other day with a bloggin buddy of mine by the name of Mark - of Runalong with Pastor Mark (RPM) fame - and had a conversation about the recent God Blog Convention he attended at Biola University. Here's what was said.

RPM: Hi Lyn.

FBO: Hi Mark.

RPM: If any of my questions move you to pontification . . .

FBO: Glad to pontificate. Always enjoy hearing myself type.

RPM: . . . maybe you could participate in our discussion - I'd like to hear your input.

FBO: I don't know why, I wasn't even at GodBlogCon. But thanks, I'd like to give some input. It's fun talking about things I know little about.

RPM: These are questions about basic assumptions, the stuff most bloggers never seem to question.

FBO: Agree. Most bloggers don't seem to question the underlying assumptions of anything - they just jump in and pontificate like I'm doing now.

RPM: You didn't need to be at GBC to have an opinion about this stuff.

FBO: Good, because like I said, I wasn't there. I did apply to Biola though many years ago, but went to Wheaton instead.

RPM: A few questions for you.

FBO: I love questions.

RPM: Background - I’m fairly new at blogging (2 months) . . .

FBO: You're good at it already. You just became a large mammal, didn't you?

[Ignores the question because this really wasn't a conversation.]

RPM: . . . fresh back from GBC, with a sudden upswing in hits and links. Before I get too deep in all of this . . .

FBO: Too deep in what?

RPM: . . . I have some questions. I’ve posted them under the heading GodBlogCon: The Hangover.

FBO: I read it. Good post. Insightful questions.

RPM: If any of these questions are of interest to you, perhaps you could comment on them on your own blog and leave a comment on my blog with a one or two sentence summary and direct readers back to your own blog for your full treatment.

FBO: Wow, that was complicated. But will try it. Do I have permission to replicate this interview? Even though it's not really an interview? Because I probably will even without permission.

RPM: I’m hoping that we can get a good discussion going here as I suspect I’m not the only person who wonders about these things. I will also be interested to find out who shares these concerns.

FBO: Me too as I only have 18 visitors per day.

RPM: GBC was great, but it was just a start. These are just some of the issues that there was not sufficient time to address.

FBO: Never is.

RPM: Thanks much!

FBO: You're welcome. But I didn't answer any questions.

RPM: Mark.

FBO: I'm Lyn. Didn't we already cover this?

RPM: Here's the "Hangover" permalink:

FBO: I'm a Baptist, I don't know what hangovers are.


FBO: Oh, I get it. I'll re-read your blog and interact with the questions posed there.


FBO: I guess the interview is over. For what I would have said in response to Mark's questions, visit the post by some guy named Garth at Broken Masterpieces.

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