Saturday, October 22, 2005

Inaugural Open Trackback Buffet

Here's how to participate:

1) Post a doggy/kitty photo entry at your blog.
2) Link to this site:
3) TB w/
4) If you don't use trackbacks, try Blogger's "Create a Link"
feature and simply post your entry onto my blog. Simple.
And enjoy the linkfest. (ps, these are my two cats, lgp)

Also, Thanks to the following for participating in my first ever trackback party.

  • Runalong's GodBlogCon'05: The Hangover.
  • Qs & As admits he's as Pigheaded as Pharaoh.
  • Tim wants to be the next Switchfoot member.
  • Dane Bramage adds to the War on Smurfs.
  • And Basil is always having Open Trackback Parties.

    Linking back to Tidbits and Treasures with "New Orleans Slowly Coming to Life"

    1. TMH, Gotcha covered in Tuesday's buffet. Thanks for linking. lgp

    2. Hi lyn! Glad to see the move went smoothly. I updated my blogroll with the new addy. Thanks for linking to me too!

    3. Thanks for the link to Tidbits And Treasures.

    4. The black cat is really tough. It reminds me of Halle Berry going around wall. Cats are great and they are cuddly. However, they can be annoying once they start to make some stupid sounds.

    5. That's true! Thanks for commenting. lgp


    Keep it clean and positive. (And sorry about the word verification, but the spmb*ts are out in full force!)