Saturday, October 22, 2005

Welcome Home, Soldier

Bill Stewart, a friend of mine at launched a project recently to express our deep appreciation for the military men and women who have served our country abroad and honor them as they return home.

Toward that end, he's making available to returning soldiers a CD recording of two wonderful songs - Welcome Home Soldier and America, You're Still Beautiful To Me. Both were written by noted Lubbock, Texas songwriter Russ Murphy, and performed by Christian Country Music Association (CCMA) 2004 Male Vocalist Of The Year, Mike Hammock.

Bill writes: "We have now shipped more than 3,000 copies of Welcome Home Soldier for distribution to our troops. Thanks to the generosity of several Lubbock businessmen, we have completed the music video for a November release on Great America Country Television."

What can you do?
For an audio clip, and for more information about getting these CDs in the hands of our returning soldiers (small donation gets you a copy and gives 3 away), visit Welcome Home Soldier. Then request that your local radio station visit the site and start playing the song!

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