Saturday, October 15, 2005

Toot Toot

Hey, guess what? I'm a Marauding Marsupial now!

For those not familiar with the TTLB Ecosystem, just trust me, it means I'm evolving! Go there to find out more. What you'll find is a listing of the top blogs on the internet as determined by the number of links . As of tonight, I'm ranked #3428 with 72 Unique Inbound links. Yeah!

To put that in perspective, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is #1 with 4601 Unique Inbound links. Make that 4602, since I just gave him another one. The top 10 blogs are Higher Beings, and include the likes of Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Power Line, and often Drudge Report (although tonight Drudge is merely a Mortal Human). What's crazy is that Evil Glenn (you'll get it in a minute) averages 145,000 visits per day!!! I average 18. Okay, so I'm in a different league.

In fact, I'm in a league of extroadinary blogs called The Alliance, called to arms by Frank J of IMAO. We are free blogs and are at war with Evil Glenn (go here for the back story to the blog war). It's all in good fun and meant to increase linkage among the many bloggers who just want to advance from an Insignificant Microbe to at least a Large Mammal, or in my case, like my hero Basil, and become a Playful Primate.

So feel free to link to me gratuitiously. I'll do the same for you. And we'll see you at the top of the food chain. lgp


  1. I second what Jimmy said. Right now I am, Marauding Marsupial #2282 with 110 Inbound unique and 42 Avg Daily visits. I've also set anew record for carnival of comedy hits. It's currently in the hundreds. It's usually in the dozens.


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