Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blast from Past: Backblog 2001


Wild But True
Used to play a game in college with a couple friends called "Wild but True." (Remember that Chip and Bud?) Simple rules. You state a belief that seems wild on the surface yet is (or could be argued to be - which is what the game is really about - ) biblically true. We'd float some outlandish comment like, "I believe in soul sleep," and then attempt to defend it from scripture. The others would try to pick it apart.


An Open Book
My wife can read me like a book. Especially when I don't want to be read. Take birthday surprises. I just can't keep them secret. She knows something is in the works no matter what I say. And that's a point worth considering. It's not so much what we say as the signals we send that people read and respond to. We're open books, open letters for all to review. The question is, what do the pages of our lives communicate?


lorem ipsum dolor
° The Wallflowers (Breach) (sorta Petty/Springsteen/Dylan-esque)
° enya a day without rain (hey, it's different & a Christmas gift)
° Saw Styx and REO in concert (excellent, old farts can still rock)
° Paul: A Novel, by Walter Wangerin (about the Apostle)
° The Meaning of Jesus, by Borg & Wright (Two Visions of Jesus)


no time to talk, blog this instead
° My Brain Hurts (one of the first blogs I read)


Just Walk
"Tell me about Great Grandpa Enoch again, Papa," young Noah might have said. "Did God really take him away?"
"Yes," Lamech assured his son. "He walked with God every day. He loved the Lord and taught his children and grandchildren to love God as well."
Noah nodded. "Go on," he said.
"Well, one day my Grandpa Enoch said to me, 'Lamech, be sure to tell my great grandchildren to walk with God. I won't get a chance to tell them myself.' He was thinking of you, Noah, even before you were born."
"And then what happened, Papa?" Noah liked hearing this part.
"Then he said he was going to meet with God as he usually did in the evening. We watched him go. He was there, and then he was not. God took him."
"Do you think God will take you, Papa, or me?" Noah wanted to know.
"Walk with God, my son. That is enough. God will take us home; how and when are of no concern. Just walk with God."

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