Tuesday, November 08, 2005

God . . . or Not?

GOD or NOT exists to bring theist and atheist thought on a variety of religious issues together in one place on a regular basis. The goal is threefold. First, neither side can hope to make any progress without fully understanding the opposing viewpoint. Second, understanding defuses animosity and eliminates misconceptions. Third, there are plenty of people out there who are "on the fence" when it comes to god. We hope that this Carnival can help them make up their minds one way or the other. (from God or Not)
For some engaging reads (note: takes time to digest, not a casual surfer's site), review the following topics. If you want to participate in the Miracles discussion, visit God or Not.

  • Sin, Inaugural Carnival hosted by Skeptic Rant, October 2005
  • Proof, 2nd Edition just now posted and hosted by Eternal Revolution
  • Miracles, to be hosted by The Evangelical Atheist on December 5, 2005
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