Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trackback & Links Policy

Are you linkin' at me? Do you want to?
Then here's the official word for Bloggin Outloud.

General Posts
  • Relevant and relatively clean comments welcome any time. Use your favorite response form - either Blogger or Haloscan - and fire away at whatever you like or don't like about what I've written. Rightclick and open a new window if the comment popup doesn't pop open immediately.

  • Trackback only if your post is on the same topic. How? Either write a new blog entry and refer back to me with a link. Or if I've said something that you like and you've already blogged about it, then edit your old post to include a link to my permablog url and then ping me (send a trackback) to spread the word about your post.

  • If that's not clear, you'll need to brush up on trackbacks, so read this and this.

  • Open Trackbacks and Linkfests
  • Open Trackback Parties are fast and fun ways to spread the word regarding something you've just blogged about (or to advertise your own TB Party!). Post your entry and then ping me (send a trackback) which will create a link on my site to your interesting but off-topic post.

  • Reciprocal links are expected. When you see the OTB Provider button (below), then the store's open! Link away. But link back! Limit one TB per linkfest. But if you're a member of the OTB Community, then there is no numerical limit (well, you know, be reasonable) and no conditions (well, you know, just keep it clean).

  • So, that's it. You have questions? Why not comment or link right now!
  • For example, Choose Life is hosting a Tuesday Open Post right now.
  • Or visit the Conservative Cat for a permanent floating ping festival.
  • Don Surber is hosting an Election Day Open Post (is that his picture?)
  • Something...and Half of Something: Projecte Quel Dommage Open Post
  • Stuck on Stupid is also hosting an Election Day Linkin' Fest
  • TMH's Open Post: Team Air Force Valour-IT Matching Donations
  • NIF says, Go Vote, Virginia
  • IOWA Voice posts French Riots Continue Part Deux

  • Join the OTB Community

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