Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Headline Caption Contest

Unsolicited Comments
Add your own caption to the final headline below.
Caption Contest Winner announced this weekend. It could be you!

LONDON (Reuters)
Police seek truckload of cognac
Force said to have tired of donut jokes

LONDON (Reuters)
An end to hard butter misery?
Prince Charles: This margarine makes me feel like a king!

Panda cub takes Washington by storm

The animals, they came out, they came out by twosies twosies

ROME (Reuters)
Baby, you make my "love molecule" soar!
Latest pick-up line for chemists no formula for success

Water Scorpion Fossil Found in Scotland
Nessy stung by report

Now Your Turn - Comment With Your Caption
Oscar Wannabes Walk Tight Line of Modesty
Your Relatively Clean Comment Here

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    1. Wow...I could win this but I don't want to win it by default.


    2. That's okay, I won my last contest :-)

    3. Just please tell me that I don't win a Yeti...I have enough shedding issues to deal with here with the cats. Though...the Yeti might eat some of the cats...hmmmm



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