Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kansas News, National Spotlight

Issue #2

Just because we're in Kansas doesn't mean we don't make hay. Here are some nationally known stories originating locally. Think local, act national . . . or something like that. Heh.

Troubling Developments
  • Abortion doctor cleared in death (Our native 'Kevorkian' strikes again. Now do you see why it's critical that minors receive parental consent for this dangerous surgery?)
  • KU professor apologizes for mythology e-mail (Mirecki wrote about ID proponants that it would be a 'nice slap in their big fat face' to teach the subjects as mythology.)

  • Encouraging Developments
  • Yes, it's 'Christmas' (Wichita wisely puts ax to 'community tree' idea. Other cities still stuck on stupid.)
  • Australia's Pratt buys Wichita's Love Box Co. (80 yr old company run by Christian principles to make bigger impact.)

  • Linked to Basil's Lunch and Stuck on Stupid and Don Surber and Right Wing Nation and NIF (he sick for now)

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