Thursday, November 17, 2005

Headline Humor & Caption Contest

Thursday's Headlines

Unsolicited Comments
Add your own caption to the final headline below.
Caption Contest Winner announced early next week. It could be you!

Monday's Headline Winner
NEW YORK (Reuters)
Time picks cloned dog as top invention
Gwynne: Time waits for no man...when a dog will do

TOKYO (Reuters)
Radish in intensive care after murder attempt
Carrot Top to host charity fundraiser

NEW YORK (Reuters)
Jury consultant sues Martha Stewart in New York

Some consultant, I lost! says Martha

Beam up to space delayed for Star Trek's Scotty

The warp engines can't wait much longer, Cap'n

BUDAPEST (Reuters)
Communist sentenced for wearing red star
Fashion Police: This season's color is green

Pastor Camps on Church Roof for Turkeys
"One more bad sermon and he's history" says member

Now you try it. Give us your best caption.
Fleiss Plans Makeover for Nevada Brothel
You: Funny Comment Here

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