Friday, November 04, 2005

Is it okay to masticate in public?

Questions to ponder during this Open Trackback Weekend:
Let me know. In the meantime (now that's a weird word - what's mean about it?) be sure to visit the following open trackback participants. Create a link using Blogger (below) and link back to me at your site. Thanks!

Oh, and enter this weekend's Headline News Caption Contest!

Sites cited: Adam's Blog, Big Dog's Weblog, Blue State Conservatives, Cao's Blog, Choose Life, Conservative Cat, Don Surber, GM's Corner, NIF, Oblogatory Anecdotes, Point Five, Sun Comprehending Glass (this week's Carnival of Comedy), Right on the Right, Stuck on Stupid, Political Teen, TMH, Euphoric Reality, Jo's Cafe, Two Babes and a Brain, MacStansbury, bRight & Early

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  1. Where's you trackback url??

  2. Sorry RedHead, no TB you'll have to "create a link" using the blogger feature called, surprisingly enough, "Create a Link."

  3. Hmm, the Create a Link doesn't seem to work ... unless I am just missing something? Ayway, linked!

    Today's NIF

  4. The Create a Link doesn't work. Nothing happens when I click on it.

  5. TJ & RH, Shoot, you're right. Sorry. I must have messed up the code when I put my own template in action (I wanted something different than blogger's choices). Will try to figure out the Create a Link dealy or add Trackback to the template. I would appreciate some html help though as I'm a novice. Thanks! :-) lgp


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