Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Search, People, Search

Here are some recent search strings from Google that brought surfers to Bloggin' Outloud. Hey, whatever increases your hits. But you have to wonder what they were really searching for! My guess follows (and what they found in parentheses.)

  • Wichita KS Asylum Kaufman Trial: People are always looking for the weird and morbid, but I resent Wichita being called an asylum. (Kansas in the News)
  • what is masticate: An ever popular search for 7th grade boys told by their older brothers never to do this in public. (Questions to Ponder)
  • Krauthammer rebuttal: The Washington Post's half-hearted attempt at a conservative columnist - always being rebutted by real conservatives. (Op Ed Rebuttal)
  • Darren Lindblom: Someone trying to get the dirt on some Navigators missionaries where there is none. (Air Force Scandal - Not!)
  • Dave Emlin: Evidently, a fan of the fan of the Kinks. (I Won the Lottery)

  • Well, that's all for now. Thanks for lurking; but next time, leave a nice comment.
    Searching for trackbacks at Conservative Cat (ping party), Third World County (catching up on reading), MacStansbury (Shameless Self-Promotion), Stop the ACLU (Support Christmas Petition), and Diane's Stuff (Looking so Cool).

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