Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's Not Blogging Outloud

One little 'g' can make all the difference. My blog's address is not Blogging Outloud at blogspot.com. Had a friend in Florida (TFM, hint hint) point out that that site is by some Ukrainian blogger who doesn't post much and when he does, doesn't make much sense. Here's what he said via Babel Fish (fun site: simply type the url into their translation engine, and voila).

AMerikanVEY: -)
Recently me wanted to recruit (c) of sorudniki of the "monster of net marketina" - companies Amway. Who does not know - this of the type Herballifa, only in them horse tooth paste of which it is possible to clean foot-wear and sriral'nyy powder which successfully substitutes the filler of koshachego toilet; -) + "guarantee 100%", manibek 100

АМериканВЕЙ :-) На днях меня хотели завербовать (в) сорудники "монстра сетевого маркетина" - компании Amway. Кто не знает - это типа Herballifа, только у них конёк зубная паста которой можно чистить обувь и сриральный порошок который успешно заменяет наполнитель кошачего туалета;-) + "гарантия 100%", манибек 100

Me wanted to recruit . . . them horse tooth paste of which it is possible to clean foot-wear, too. All that to say, the address and title of this blog is Bloggin' Outloud. I hope that clears that up.

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