Thursday, December 08, 2005

Anne Rice . . . Revisited

Back in October, in Vampire Author Washed in the Blood, I mentioned Rice's newest project:

Ann Rice, the mistress of vampire literature, has been washed in the blood. She's even written a book titled Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt which recounts in novel form the childhood experience of Jesus.
I had my doubts about the book but still have not read it. The very fact that Rice reignited her faith and fled from Dracula's castle attracted a lot of discussion . . . and still does! But finally, someone has actually read the book and commented intelligently on the issue. Here is what Jan from The View From Her has to say:

This book should be read as a piece of literature - as art. Art doesn't tell, it reveals. And it is a tragedy that some Christians can no longer appreciate it, simply because we've become confused by the literal and utilitarian trinkets so well-stocked in our Christian bookstores.
While I still have concerns that we not put Rice on a pedestal, I must admit that God uses our frail fumblings for his glory. This book, like all literature, fits this catagory. Thanks, Jan, for your thoughtful post.

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