Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kansas News Roundup

Check out The NEW Kansas Guild of Bloggers (The KGB) at Frappr! Introducing the KGB - Kansas Guild of Bloggers!

If you live in Kansas and blog, I'd like to invite you to join the KGB. Your politics don't matter, your religion don't matter, your grammar don't neither. However, this guild is for relatively family-friendly types who enjoy the benefits of bloggin' outloud, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Meeting new people;
  • Sharing interesting news & ideas;
  • And working our way up the ecosystem together :-)
We'll do this through a KGB Blogroll (which I'll provide the java script for when you apply); Carnivals (which we'll start as soon as another blog joins me); and Other Ideas (as they hit me - I'm open to suggestions). Email me with your blog info at and we'll get going!
Until then, here's some Kansas News in the National Spotlight (Issue #3)

  • Local aircraft industry looking for 4,000 workers. Air Capital wants to teach the 'get laid-off, get rehired, get laid off' cycle to a new generation of patsies workers.

  • Gannett says it would consider Knight Ridder purchase. Largest publisher will get larger and and the publisher of the Wichita Eagle will be 'ridder' (okay, that pun's a stretch).

  • National group gives Kansas 'F' on science standards. So-called 'national group' gets an 'F' which stands for 'fraudulent.' These bogus ratings are just that.

  • Winter weather advisory: Just stay inside. Because we don't get a lot of snow, Wichita drivers are some of the worst in the nation. Be safe, don't drive.

    1. Only 2. (and yep, blogger html tags are limited :-) no smileys either! But I'll keep plugging away at "KS news in the national spotlight" and someday will attract more. lol But now that I know you're from Leavenworth, I'll post an entry from Argghhh! next Monday! No one escapes my all seeing blog. :wink: Congrats on your top Mil Blog win, btw. Have a great Christmas. lgp

    2. Well, I'm from KS & I have a blog, although I don't have much worthwhile to say. Just pretty much ramble on about whatever happens to be on my mind. And my kitty, gotta have kitty pics.

      I'm just up the road from you, in Newton.


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