Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blogroll Break (12.15.05)

Another JellyBlogroll Break. Sample, if you will, some of these homemade goodies from some Homespun Bloggers. If you have a tasty appetizer to share, please feel free to trackback here.

  • Rempelia Prime reveals what's really behind David Bedford: The smoking rights of children.
  • Blog from Mossback Meadow asks if it's really only 10 Days Left to Christmas?
  • PebblePie reminds us that Expanded Guard and Reserve Health Care Is Critical To National Defense.
  • At GINASRANTINGS we find there is no news like good news.
  • Nehring the Edge reviews King Kong (1933).
  • Visit again tomorrow for another break. Be sure to share your treats as well.
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