Monday, December 12, 2005

Caption Contest and OTBs

What's your caption? Comment below with something relatively clean :-)
Winners announced later this week. You could win this Christmas tree!

Today's Reading Assignment . . .

  • HT to Riding Sun's Caption Contest #15 - Lots of funny comments.
  • The Land of Ozz explains the why behind the Living Bible Godcast.
  • Committees of Correspondence sounds an alarm re Arbeit Macht Frei.
  • The Tar Pit details John Campbell's troubled victory in CA.
  • The Pirate King has an Open Trackback Day - link at it!
  • Don Surber shares how the Iraqi's really feel it's going.
  • TMH promotes the new bRight & Early forum.

  • Now on to Monday's Open Trackbacks...
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  • Open Posted at the Pirate King (Open Posts), Conservative Cat (Ping Party), NIF (The Incredible Machine), Basil's Blog (Breakfast is served), Right Wing Nation (Monday's OTBs), third world county (Monday's Featured Blog), Jo's Cafe (Monday's Specials)

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    1. "Charlie Brown, How many times have I told you that you have to water the tree? You'd think after all of these years you'd know that."

      orrr considering today's "Christmas Wars"...

      "All I did was wish him a Merry Christmas and look what he did to our tree"....



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