Friday, December 09, 2005

The Christmas Wars - Christian vs Christian

Okay, this one's a biggy. Two sides of faith dukin' it out. (Talk about creating a controversy! :-)

In one corner we have those who believe that the culture war has escalated and Christmas is taking a hit. In the other corner, we have those who are concerned that we're creating a controversy where none exists.

And then there are people like me, totally unbiased observers who simply want to buy marshmellow nativity sets from ebay (HT Random Yak - Hey, I need s'more!).

Let's begin rounding up the suspects. (Please let me know with a trackback and/or comment where you stand on this issue. And if I've misrepresent your position, I promise :wink: to put a bid in for you to buy Fontanini's Kneeling Santa.)

Christmas is Taking a Hit:
  • Random Yak is leading the attack to take Christmas back. The Yaks even have a Christmas Resistance blogroll. Started the Christmas vs Holiday season off with a pre-game show.
  • Adam's Blog is calling for submissions for a Carnival of Christmas, entries due by December 23rd. Adam also responded to Don Surber (below) with The War on Insincere Nonsense. (The link works now :-)

  • Dec 9 UPDATES:
  • The Yak clarifies his/her position. (I think he's a he - handles are so sexually ambiguous, ask The MaryHunter, from whom I stole the pic below.)
  • Romeocat of CatHouse Chat is amazed that some MegaChurches are Surrendering Christmas! R'cat has a wonderful daily devotional collection here.
  • Adam has just released Christmas Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Moderates in which he states that Christmas is offensive to many in our culture because Christ is. (alt. link)
  • Stuck on Stupid tracked back with Not Jesusy Enough? Amazed that Randi Rhodes took content and umbrage with SoS's post re the White House Christmas Card.

  • How to Save Money at Christmas

    We're Creating a Controversy:
  • Don Surber seems to represent the other side when he propounds in a lucid post: No Virginia, There Is No War On Christmas. Also read Merry PChristmas to which Adam (above) replies.

  • Dec 9 UPDATES:
  • MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy says this about the war, "It’s stupid and phony!"
  • You can vote in an informal poll hosted by the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail. (HT to Conservababes, hosting a Christmas Roundup as well.)
  • Beth at And Then I Woke Up notes that the phrase really should be "Happy Birthday" but doesn't get too upset either way.

  • Who's next? Trackback with a relevant link and I'll give you a real (read TTLB :-) link before Christmas, er, the 25th.

    Open Posted 12/9 at: Conservative Cat (Ping Party), Jo's Cafe (TGIF Specials)

    Cheaply Commercialized 12/8 at: Basil's Lunch (3 Meals a Day), Jo's Cafe (Thursday's Special), TMH's Bacon Bits & Stop the ACLU (Both Recommend Operation Nativity), Liberal Common Sense (Sharing Link Love), Customer Servant (Share the Load), CatHouse Chat (Surrendering Christmas), Stuck on Stupid (Not Jesusy Enough?)

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    1. I'm in the middle on this one, I think the huge deal being made about the Whitehouse Christmas card borders on being silly. I think those who make such a huge deal demanding it be "Happy Holidays" are being not much different from those demanding it be "Merry Christmas". It should be whatever you prefer. If I say "Merry Christmas" to you and you are let's say Jewish as an example, you could respond back with "Happy Hanukah". If you are a pagan? "Happy Winter Solstice", the choices are endless and it could be so simple if one thing happened. Tolerance...It's amazing how just the mere desire to wish something good upon another person can turn into such a mess.

      oh and? Merry Chritsmas!


    2. I'm with you Lisa. I'll say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and the person responding can do so with whatever they feel comfortable with. Lyndon

    3. You do realize I want that marshmellow nativity scene now. I'm plotting on how to make my own. After I get done of course with the adobe house I have to help my youngest make for school.



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