Friday, December 09, 2005

The Christmas Wars - Christian vs Christian

Okay, this one's a biggy. Two sides of faith dukin' it out. (Talk about creating a controversy! :-)

In one corner we have those who believe that the culture war has escalated and Christmas is taking a hit. In the other corner, we have those who are concerned that we're creating a controversy where none exists.

And then there are people like me, totally unbiased observers who simply want to buy marshmellow nativity sets from ebay (HT Random Yak - Hey, I need s'more!).

Let's begin rounding up the suspects. (Please let me know with a trackback and/or comment where you stand on this issue. And if I've misrepresent your position, I promise :wink: to put a bid in for you to buy Fontanini's Kneeling Santa.)

Christmas is Taking a Hit:
  • Random Yak is leading the attack to take Christmas back. The Yaks even have a Christmas Resistance blogroll. Started the Christmas vs Holiday season off with a pre-game show.
  • Adam's Blog is calling for submissions for a Carnival of Christmas, entries due by December 23rd. Adam also responded to Don Surber (below) with The War on Insincere Nonsense. (The link works now :-)

  • Dec 9 UPDATES:
  • The Yak clarifies his/her position. (I think he's a he - handles are so sexually ambiguous, ask The MaryHunter, from whom I stole the pic below.)
  • Romeocat of CatHouse Chat is amazed that some MegaChurches are Surrendering Christmas! R'cat has a wonderful daily devotional collection here.
  • Adam has just released Christmas Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Moderates in which he states that Christmas is offensive to many in our culture because Christ is. (alt. link)
  • Stuck on Stupid tracked back with Not Jesusy Enough? Amazed that Randi Rhodes took content and umbrage with SoS's post re the White House Christmas Card.

  • How to Save Money at Christmas

    We're Creating a Controversy:
  • Don Surber seems to represent the other side when he propounds in a lucid post: No Virginia, There Is No War On Christmas. Also read Merry PChristmas to which Adam (above) replies.

  • Dec 9 UPDATES:
  • MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy says this about the war, "It’s stupid and phony!"
  • You can vote in an informal poll hosted by the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail. (HT to Conservababes, hosting a Christmas Roundup as well.)
  • Beth at And Then I Woke Up notes that the phrase really should be "Happy Birthday" but doesn't get too upset either way.

  • Who's next? Trackback with a relevant link and I'll give you a real (read TTLB :-) link before Christmas, er, the 25th.

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