Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Funny Stuff & Open Posts

Open Trackbacks on One Condition (well, play along if you will): Comment below and vote on your favorite funny feature. (Oh, and be sure to wish my wife a happy birthday. Shh, don't tell her you found out from me.)

  • Redneck Hunting Dogs (HT Wayne)
  • Smack the Penguin (HT Leslie)
  • Five Weird Habits Meme (note to David - I'm getting a round tuit any minute now, lgp)

  • Now on to Friday's Open Trackbacks
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  • Need TB Help? Bad Example provides some great examples.
  • Open posted at Cat and RWN and Basil and Jo and TWC and bR&E and TMH and NIF and Oystersnout (welcome back to Headlines!)

    1. I got a kick out of Smack the Penquin,
      Happy birthday

    2. Thanks Dan! (She won't let me say how old!) I like your blog. Keep up the great political writing. That's an area I don't concentrate too much on, so appreciate the spectrum of posts that a lot of this part of the 'sphere contributes to. lgp

    3. Personally, I like the photo of the cat, who has obviously made himself invisible by the power of his MIND...


    Keep it clean and positive. (And sorry about the word verification, but the spmb*ts are out in full force!)