Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Funny Stuff & Open Posts

Open Trackbacks on One Condition (well, play along if you will): Comment below and vote on your favorite funny feature. (Oh, and be sure to wish my wife a happy birthday. Shh, don't tell her you found out from me.)

  • Redneck Hunting Dogs (HT Wayne)
  • Smack the Penguin (HT Leslie)
  • Five Weird Habits Meme (note to David - I'm getting a round tuit any minute now, lgp)

  • Now on to Friday's Open Trackbacks
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  • Need TB Help? Bad Example provides some great examples.
  • Open posted at Cat and RWN and Basil and Jo and TWC and bR&E and TMH and NIF and Oystersnout (welcome back to Headlines!)

    Dan Kauffman said...

    I got a kick out of Smack the Penquin,
    Happy birthday

    Lyn said...

    Thanks Dan! (She won't let me say how old!) I like your blog. Keep up the great political writing. That's an area I don't concentrate too much on, so appreciate the spectrum of posts that a lot of this part of the 'sphere contributes to. lgp

    Random Yak said...

    Personally, I like the photo of the cat, who has obviously made himself invisible by the power of his MIND...