Thursday, December 29, 2005

How Not to Dialog About ID & Evolution

When someone posts an anonymous comment, my inclination is to ignore it. After all, if one doesn't have the courtesy to leave an email address for further private dialog or a website for public discussion, then the ensuing ad lib communication often becomes an exercise in frustration. (Oh yeah?! Yeah! Says who? Says me. Well, my brother is bigger than your brother! :-)

Here's an example of what I mean. I've started blogrolling some Kansas blogs - in the hopes of building a guild that will eventually squash Basil's 'Bama Bloggers or Carolina Consortium or Georgia Gaggle or wherever the heck he's from - and have found (surprisingly, to me at least) a number of, shall we say, non-conservative sites. Mostly folks who seem to be berating Kansans for being ignorant anti-science (code word for people who disagree with them?) dupes.

For instance, Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble is unabashed in sharing his opinion about this state of confusion (pun intended). He has some good points - and in an editorial blog like many of us host it's probably natural to bash the position of others and sort it out later (is that what I'm doing here? :-)

My thought: Blogs are open commentaries and spirited, but polite, interaction is expected. Mockery, however, doesn't encourage dialog and is best ignored (or deleted ;-)

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