Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kansas News and KGB Roundup (12.29.05)

Yes, Kansas News does occasionally make the National Spotlight. And my goal with this weekly Kansas News & KGB Roundup (Kansas Guild of Bloggers) is to highlight not only the popular but bring to light some great posts from the Great Plains. If you're a KS blogger, feel free to submit a link to this weekly event via Blog Carnival or Ferdy's Carnival Submit Form.

First, the Headlines (source: Wichita Eagle)
  • Bill's Little Apple ball drop to be televised nationally ~ Now in its third year, the festivities are designed to mimic the televised event in Times Square in New York City. The event takes place in Aggieville, which is home to Kansas State University.

  • High schooler is first Kansan picked for elite Grammy band ~ Alexander Bailey, who turned 18 on Christmas Day, is the first Kansan ever selected for the Gibson/Baldwin Grammy Jazz Band which will play in events surrounding the annual music awards.

  • Pet bear attacks Neosho County sheriff's car ~ Okay, this didn't make national news, but a family's pet bear has outworn its welcome in Neosho County after repeatedly escaping from its cage and attacking a deputy's patrol car last week. Unbearable!

  • Now, the Blog Posts (source: All over Kansas, mostly unsolicited at this point, so start submitting links to the carnival!)
  • JD at Evolution is a blogger after my own heart, having fun with a post in which j.d. answers questions suggested by his referral logs, II. I like this one: administrators pay prince of peace olathe kansas ~ "I’m sure Jesus is not a paid shill for the City of Olathe."

  • Joshua at Thoughts from Kansas laments Representative Todd Tiahrt's call for a consumption tax. He writes, "Flat taxes, consumption taxes and their ilk are simplistic solutions to serious, complex problems." Worth discussing. TfK's comments has more.

  • Pat at Red State Rabble comments on ID at the Crossroads and the mothballing of ID theorist William Dembski's Uncommon Descent. Pat will miss UD, he writes, because when he needed "inspiration for a post with a good belly laugh, Dembski's blog was our go-to site."

  • Ching at Almost Famous shares a pic of a friend tasting some fresh coconut juice and is a teensy weensy bit jealous that she didn't get any. Sorry, Ching. BTW, what is pasalubong?

  • John of Argghhh! - who can't get out of this carnival no how - is also a catblogger. He says I Should Have Known that it wasn't the temperature that brought these two cats together!

  • Congratulations to Steven at Kansas Info Quartermaster who had his commentary on payday lending posted online at the Wichita Eagle ~ MY VIEW: PASS LAW TO COMBAT PREDATORY LENDING. Good points scored. Also read the many comments at WE Blog.

  • Shea, who is actually a California Girl in Kansas, had a fantastically random day. This blog is quite random that way. But she's had 80,000 visitors! I guess I should ask her for advice.

  • And Finally, In Appreciation: Science and Politics spotted us on his radar and gave us a plug: Another New Carnival ~ The first issue of KGB (Kansas Guild of Bloggers) is up on Bloggin' Outloud. I love the way regional carnivals are sprouting everywhere! Check the other 170 ongoing carnivals here. (ed. note: update, the link works now)

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