Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kansas News, National Spotlight (Issue #4)

Make Hay, Not War!

Time once again for the weekly random wrap of some local happenings making a global impact. Settle down, Toto.

Big Impact: Apparent food poisoning strikes workers at Coffeyville center ~ Employees working at the Coffeyville distribution center of Inc. became ill with apparent food poisoning and were taken to three area hospitals early Tuesday. Lots of people are sick of work, but this is taking it to an extreme.

Bigger Impact: Auditions being held for British BTK documentary ~ The Wichita Community Theatre is auditioning actors this weekend for dramatic portrayals in a documentary on the BTK serial killer. The British are interested in this crime? Don't they have enough of their own?

Biggerer Impact: Student gets apology after using Spanish ~ The Turner School District has issued a personal apology to a high school junior suspended for speaking Spanish in school. Imagine if he was talking about evolution in Spanish! (HT Jay Leno)

Biggest Impact: 'Survivor' winner is aspiring broadcaster ~ Now that Danni Boatwright has claimed her million-dollar check, she's ready to settle down in the big city and kick-start her broadcasting career. But which city? New York? L.A.? "I'm going to stay in Kansas for sure." Huge opportunity in her home town of Tonganoxie.

Okay, that's a wrap. But before I go, I have to laugh at one search string that brought some lurkers to Bloggin' Outloud ~ PERRY KANSAS NEWS (in caps even!). They found Issue #2 but they might have been looking for some hotbeds of Kansas news, like Perry Township, population 103, or Perry, KS, pop. 898. One never knows.

Source: The Wichita Eagle
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