Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Midweek Headlines

Courtesy of Stop the ACLU
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Oscar Wannabes Walk Tight Line of Modesty
Lisa Renee: Oscar Wannabees try to sell Humble Pie
(Congrats, Lisa. You win the Yeti!)

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters)
Candidate caught with big cocaine haul
Claims he didn't inhale

Pope given Ferrari steering wheel
Worst backseat driver in Vatican history

LONDON (Reuters)
Narnia film triggers book rush, more tie-ins seen
Lewis rolls over

Study: Drivers Living Near Church Safest
Take that, ACLU

Doubts Arise About Japan Asteroid Mission
Told you Mechagodzilla was looking for Godzilla hiding in Argentina

Now Your Turn - Comment With Your Caption
NEW DELHI (Reuters)
Microsoft to invest $1.7 bln in India
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    1. Thank you Lyn, I have written about this proud moment.

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