Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Odds, Ends, and Search String Silliness

I found the secret to lots of hits. Blog about a popular topic that everyone will search for. I know, I'm slow. But this phenomenon still fascinates me. I've already drawn lurkers to Bloggin' Outloud looking for sex (they didnt' find much). Random Yak believes these searches affirm our place in the 'sphere and educate us about ourselves. He features a U.S-E.R. of the day. Fascinating, in a funny sorta way. Keep the feature, Yak.

  • So, for this week's roundup, by far the most popular string is Toga the Penguin. (BTW, MSN is beating Google in the search wars on this one.) I'm glad I found the secret interview with the penguin's kidnappers!
  • Second place is Baking Cookies With Your Cat. This catblogging favorite is not original with me, but this post is a consistently good draw.
  • If you want to be popular, it doesn't hurt to have bloggin in your blog title, either. And finally, someone got a clue that it's not Blogging Outloud!
  • Controversy pays, too. But no, the ACLU and NPR and MTV haven't merged, but people are looking for the organization called ACLUNPRMTV. What they found was a lark.
  • And finally, who would want to admit that they are jobless in Seattle? They won't like my answer.

  • Well, that's it for now. Oh, and one last thing. Blogger went speaking Mexican again.

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