Sunday, December 18, 2005

Odds, Ends, and a Tag Party

Quick Takes for a Sunday Break
  • You will not find my picture - on any day - at Self-Portrait Day
  • Christmas Rocker - bit long, but listen until he starts rockin'.
  • Another video, but this one of Funny Cats. (HT Runalong)

  • Okay, the real reason I called you here: It's Tag Time
    Thanks to David at TWC, who tagged me, let's List 5 Weird Habits!
    (No, this really isn't a meme; it's more like tag, you know, and you're it.)

    The rules are simple:
    1) List 5 Weird Habits on your blog.
    2) Comment or Trackback here when you do.
    3) Tag 5 more bloggers who haven't been tagged.
    (Probably should email them just in case they don't read your blog!)

    So, here goes . . .
    1) Well, I blog. You might not think it weird, but 99.79% of the world probably does.
    2) I pepper my french fries. Hey, I was raised this way. I blame my eldest brother.
    3) Only I can load the dishwasher. Although, this might simply be my OCD.
    4) We have two cats. Habitual cat bloggers are especially weird. Ask Ferdy.
    5) Sci Fi before bed. Almost every night I'll enter the twilight zone.

    And, now I'm tagging . . .
    1) Beth at And Then I Woke Up
    2) Kevin at Dane Bramage
    3) Wayne at Questions and Answers
    4) Mark at Runalong with Pastor Mark
    5) Jen at Lintefinial Musing
    6) And you! Feel free to tag yourself and link back.

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