Friday, January 06, 2006

Dear Crabby (1.6.06)

Dear Crabby*

I just found out that stamps are going up to 39 cents. I can't believe it! Why didn't we know about this ahead of time? We didn't even get to vote on it. Sounds like taxation without representation to me. Signed, Over Taxed

Dear Taxing My Patience,

So what's your question, whiner? You didn't know that costs would go up?! It's called inflation, which is in fact good for the economy. But that truth aside, if you don't like it, don't buy any stamps. And don't give me the line about you having to use stamps. Give me a break! You sound like those people who complain about the cost of cable. Well, pull the plug.

What can you do instead? Email. Fax. Telephone. Auto bill pay. Fred Smith. And I'm not simply referring to utilizing Fed Ex. I'm talking about becoming a player. Become a Fred Smith. Develop something new. Quit complaining about the problem and find a solution. Compete in the marketplace. Or is it your brain that's over taxed?

Signed, Crabby

(* To dull disillusioned dadgum crybabies anyone who shoots straight, cuts the crap, and tells it like it is sounds crabby.)

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(Image source: Brother Jones Artworks)

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