Friday, January 06, 2006

Homespun Roundup

HOMESPUN BLOGGERS7 New Blogs of a Homespun Variety . . .

  • Camp Katrina has a nice roundup highlighting a number of blogs that aren't in our circle of the 'sphere (at least not in the part that I normally orbit).

  • CommonSenseAmerica points out that Iran needs a new spokesman: Ahmadinejad hopes that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would die. (CSA: Religion of peace?)

  • Once More Into the Breach caught Elmo asking children "Who want's to die?" in some editions of "Potty Time With Elmo." (I wonder if Ahmadinejad got a hold of a copy.)

  • Cordelya ~ Wench. Pirate. Duck Scrubber. That's all you need to know. (Cordelya does discuss the Future of Chemlights, though. So you may want to know that.)

  • SusiePie has a weekly meme: The Thursday Thirteen plus a roundup of other Thursday Thirteen sites. (This is new to me. I may join in next week - on the twelfth.)

  • A Goddess' Journey actually wrote out Life's List of 100 Things, well 70 at least. (I like #39 ~ Mail holiday cards before the holidays are over. Uh, maybe next year.)

  • And finally, A Deeper Look wonders out loud about a disturbing picture and calls it Palestinian Child Abuse. (Poignant.)
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