Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Headlines + Humor

First, the humor...

1) I have no idea what 49Media is, but their webbot found my 4xFour Meme and featured Bloggin' Outloud on their daily roundup yesterday. Weird. (Caveat scriptum - Blogger Beware: other sites at 49Media are definitely not G for great or PG for pretty good.)

2) I am a goddess. I am not an html hack, I can't program anything let alone my microwave, and yet I am a goddess. Why? For having solved a major challenge that Shamalama didn't even realize he had. And for that he is forever in my debt. (:tongue-in-cheek:) Do not quiver in my presence, I am benevolent. Share in the riches of my bounty.

3) Image Source: Laugh Out Loud found by a random google search. I thought it was funny.

Now the Headlines...

Unsolicited Comments
Captioning Today's Headlines

Our Winner Last Time...
PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND (Christian Science Monitor)
R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to England
Rodney: They got this one right, but they always spell one eleven-letter word incorrectly. (get it? duh, I actually had to ask Rodney what the word was! lol, lgp)

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters)
Palestinians vote, Hamas challenging Fatah rule
Mmm Mmm, I prefer the Hummus

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters)
Hiccups lead to two deaths
Well, the scare tactic worked - over time!

Japan Scientists Find Million-Year-Old Ice
Assistant accidently turned it into a million year old slushy

Kuwait's Ailing Emir Agrees to Abdicate
Or: Kuwait's Sickly Sultan Says He'll Step Down
Or: Kuwait's Rundown Rajah to Relinquish Rule
Or: Kuwait's Tottering Tyrant to Toss the Throne

I've Got More:
Dying Despot Decides to Desert Diadem
Cadaverous Caliph Concurs on Casting Crown
Unwell Oligarch Options to Oust from Office

Okay, that's enough fun for today. Thanks for reading, lgp


  1. See, this is why /I'm/ the only one in the family who should go by the name "Lyn".

  2. Haha, you're right of course. But a little sexual ambiguity is a good thing in the 'sphere. Stops lurkers from knowing everything about you on the first pass! :-) lol, Lyn (not the goddess)

  3. The real question is: are you on a mountain top? Because only then will we know that you've got it.

    (For those in the dark, think Bananarama.)


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