Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Headlines + Humor

First, the humor...

1) I have no idea what 49Media is, but their webbot found my 4xFour Meme and featured Bloggin' Outloud on their daily roundup yesterday. Weird. (Caveat scriptum - Blogger Beware: other sites at 49Media are definitely not G for great or PG for pretty good.)

2) I am a goddess. I am not an html hack, I can't program anything let alone my microwave, and yet I am a goddess. Why? For having solved a major challenge that Shamalama didn't even realize he had. And for that he is forever in my debt. (:tongue-in-cheek:) Do not quiver in my presence, I am benevolent. Share in the riches of my bounty.

3) Image Source: Laugh Out Loud found by a random google search. I thought it was funny.

Now the Headlines...

Unsolicited Comments
Captioning Today's Headlines

Our Winner Last Time...
PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND (Christian Science Monitor)
R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to England
Rodney: They got this one right, but they always spell one eleven-letter word incorrectly. (get it? duh, I actually had to ask Rodney what the word was! lol, lgp)

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters)
Palestinians vote, Hamas challenging Fatah rule
Mmm Mmm, I prefer the Hummus

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters)
Hiccups lead to two deaths
Well, the scare tactic worked - over time!

Japan Scientists Find Million-Year-Old Ice
Assistant accidently turned it into a million year old slushy

Kuwait's Ailing Emir Agrees to Abdicate
Or: Kuwait's Sickly Sultan Says He'll Step Down
Or: Kuwait's Rundown Rajah to Relinquish Rule
Or: Kuwait's Tottering Tyrant to Toss the Throne

I've Got More:
Dying Despot Decides to Desert Diadem
Cadaverous Caliph Concurs on Casting Crown
Unwell Oligarch Options to Oust from Office

Okay, that's enough fun for today. Thanks for reading, lgp
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