Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How Many Blogrolls Are You On?

Taking a super-fast survey!

2 Quick Questions:
1) How many blogrolls are you on?
2) What's your favorite one (or two)?

Optional Bonus Question:
How do you use your blogrolls? That is, do you promote the community? Surf it daily? Use it to share a "best of" or roundup of posts? What should blogrolls be used for?

My Answers (I still want to read yours! So comment below.)

1) I'm on 10 blogrolls - in no particular order: The KGB ~ Kansas Guild of Bloggers (host); Homespun Bloggers; Cat Lover's Community; Godly Creative People; The OTA ~ Open Trackback Alliance; OTBP ~ Open TrackBack Provider; The Alliance; Life, Liberty, Property; Anti-PC League; The Wide Awakes; and I just applied to the American Flag blogroll. Plus, I have two personal lists for my Regular Reads and Friends & Family.

2) They're all my favorite! (I had to say that, right?) But for pure fun and diversion, I like surfing the family feline, especially the Carnival of Cats. Open Trackback parties are great too.

3) What are they for? Discovering new friends. Engaging challenging ideas. Interacting with folks I wouldn't normally meet. I try to do this by posting a regular roundup of interesting entries (as I peruse my various blogrolls for fresh thoughts) - I just haven't done this in a systematic way yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Now It's Your Turn...

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