Thursday, January 05, 2006

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Parents leave kids home alone to gamble
Kids did a lot more than gambling, let me assure you

TORONTO (Reuters)
Free booze makes homeless healthier?
Sure gives their bladder a work out

SEOUL (Reuters)
Man sets self on fire in courtroom after fine
Judge douses man's hope of life as a pyromaniac

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters)
Secret grave discovered on cult grounds
Now why is this not surprising?

E! Online Hollywood
"Sith" Happens at 2005 Box Office
E! Online urged to leave puns to the professionals

NEW YORK (Reuters)
Lindsay Lohan admits drug use
And we thought it was Atkins

Now It's Your Turn
BERLIN (Reuters)
Cuba paid Oswald to kill Kennedy, new film says
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Headline Roundup

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