Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kansas Guild of Bloggers Roundup #3

Welcome to the 3rd issue of Kansas News & KGB Roundup (Kansas Guild of Bloggers). The purpose is to highlight noteworthy state and local news and blogs. If you're a KS blogger, feel free to submit a link to this weekly event via Blog Carnival or Ferdy's Carnival Submit Form.

First, the Headlines (source: Wichita Eagle)

  • "Voice of the Jayhawks" to retire after 60 years ~ Max Falkenstien - whose voice has become synonymous with University of Kansas sports - is wrapping up his final season as a commentator. Falkenstien is 81.

  • Cheney visits KC, troops ~ The vice president touts President Bush's economic and security policies during visits to Kansas City and Fort Leavenworth.

  • Kansas delegates return Abramoff's money ~ Sen. Sam Brownback received $44,500 in campaign contributions linked to the disgraced Washington lobbyist, according to federal records. On Thursday, Brownback's chief spokesman said Brownback is giving the money to American Indian charities.

  • Now, the Blog Posts (Submit your links to the carnival!)

  • Josh at Thoughts from Kansas has more to say about one state delegate and his response to the lobbyist's money: Ryun to keep Abramoff's dirty dough.

  • JD at Evolution points out that KU’s Campus Crusade for Christ has invited William Dembski, a leading ID proponent, to speak. But assures us that religion has nothing to do with it (a different context).

  • Caleb On Assignment has an Early Christmas.

  • Ching at Almost Famous has a great pic of Oscar as a kitten.

  • John of Argghhh! celebrates 1,000,000 people served. Congratulations! Huzzah!

  • Kelly in Kansas puts together her (huge) reading list for her students.

  • Shea, that California Girl in Kansas, has some Late Night Thoughts.

  • And Finally, Submissions to Next Week's KGB Accepted via Blog Carnival or Ferdy's Carnival Submit Form.

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