Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Open Post and Final Hawaiian Joke

Okay, gotta say it out loud and pretend you're in Jr Hi grade school. (Middle schoolers are too hip for these corny jokes!)

Q. Why did 'California' (Callie phone ya?)
A. Just to say 'Hawaii' (How are ya!)

Q. Where has 'Oregon' (Orrie gone?)
A. 'Idaho' (I don't know), but 'Alaska' (I'll ask her)

Q. What did 'Mississippi' (Missy sip?)
A. She sipped a 'Minnesota' (many a soda!)

NEW: (prompted by Dane)
Q. What did 'Delaware' (Della wear?)
A. Her brand 'New Jersey' (uh, new jersey)
(Dane, I have no idea how Miss can give Mo anything! :-)

:-) Can you remember any more from Jr Hi 4th grade?

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