Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Discoveries Roundup: Christian Blogs

I've made some new discoveries (yeah, right there in spiral galaxy NGC 7319) with my recent Best So Far awards. This was a key reason in hosting the blogfest; and then I had to go away to Hawaii (did I mention I won a company trip?) and left all my new blogging buddies hanging. My goal was to get every nominee who cares onto my New Discoveries Blogroll. That's a work in progress. So until then, I'll do some roundups and highlight a few new friends I've found in the 'sphere.

  • Discovered that Shannon from Windscraps has some profound reflections to share in a quiet and compelling way. Plus, I discovered that she's an author and now a columnist for the new ezine, Christian Women Online. Congratulations, Shannon!

  • Gina at Novel Journey discovers Christian authors and interviews them. Her latest interaction is with Mindy Starns Clark, the author of the "Million Dollar Mysteries" and the "Smart Chick Mystery" series. Keep up the great interviews, Gina!

  • Adam from Adam's Blog isn't a new discovery, per se, but he always has new entries and new sides of him to discover. Political blogger, Christian apologist, linkfest guru, this guy does it all and does it well. (I still owe him my review of his ebook- The Screwtape Reports!)

  • And a few more...
  • Heather has a Roller Coaster Ride and blog to prove it.
  • Ben posts his first podcast on the Gospel at Faith & Theology.
  • and finally, Rev. Billy Bob Gisher (whom I haven't figured out yet!) has a lot of interesting things to say (and a lot of comments from readers) at Less People, Less Idiots.
  • That is all. Do you have other interesting Christian blogs to report? Comment or link here.
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