Friday, March 03, 2006

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Humoring Today's Headlines

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Washington Post
Ethics Office For Hill Rejected
Senator Hill's okay, it's Clinton we have to worry about

Washington Post
Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Melting Rapidly
Bush Blamed

Washington Post
Panel Chairman to Fight Port Deal
Chairman prefers sherry

Washington Post
NASA Chief Is Confident About Shuttle
After consulting with Click & Clack on Car Talk

Washington Post
U.S., India Reach Deal On Nuclear Cooperation
U.S. to outsource all spies from Los Alamos

Washington Post
Fairfax Man Guilty of Bigamy
Fighting trumped up charges of polygamy

Washington Post
Blog Buzz Helps Companies Catch Trends in the Making
We knew memes were important for something

Washington Post
NFL, Players Extend Deadline
Inside source: Money may have something to do with it

Now It's Your Turn
Washington Post
Katrina Video Refuels Debate Over Response
This may be a tough winner last week ...

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