Friday, March 03, 2006

Open Post: Killing Two Birds . . .

Trying to kill two posts lots of birds with one stone here...

1) Book Day Meme from Yandom Rak: Watcha Readin'?
Answer: Currently Gregory Benford's Beyond Infinity, Science Fiction.
Sorry, no one to tag at the moment, I've used up all my goodwill.

2) Open Post Friday. Will add some thoughts later...

3) Olympic Blogging Results are in. And I won silver in both events.

4) Last & Least (lol): Chrys at Pettifog finally, and I mean finally, did the meme I foisted upon the blogosphere a few weeks back ... Great 7 song list, btw! Oh, and visit Pettifog and look on the sidebar for the Social Security Reform flash dealy...I couldn't make it work on my blog, so will try later.

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