Friday, April 28, 2006

Winners Announced - And I Wasn't

The winners of the "Two Lights" Short Fiction Contest over at The Clarity of Night were announced today. I didn't win. You can read my entry below and judge for yourself :-)

Prizes awarded to the best short fiction (250 words or less!) based on this picture. There were over 40 entries and all were fairly well done.

According to the adjudicator, here are the Top 5:
(and a quick comment from me :-)

1. "Giving Her the Bird" by Jamie Ford
(yes, very witty in a wicked sorta way)

2. Esther Avila submitted her entry
(sentimental and emotional, very good)

3. "You Say Monet, I Say Manet" by J.T. Ellison
(cute child-like mystery and fun conclusion)

4. "Every Hope and Dream" by SF Johnston
(ends with a shocking twist, heartwrenching)

5. "Too Well Illumined" by Zara Calvente
(creative writing and creative sleuthing)

Along with some of my personal favorites...

  • Reality by Robin Allen
    (poignant take on beauty and aging)

  • This entry by Jerilyn Dufresne
    (sentimental, familial, emotional)

  • Hard Love by Scott Ellis
    (emotionally stirring and disturbing)

  • "Leave the Lights On" by John Hammel
    (a mystery with a belly laugh conclusion)

  • "Death, Away" by Erik Ivan James
    (a macabre case of mistaken identity)

  • "Rekindled" by Jeff Neale
    (satisfying tale of renewed romance)

  • This entry by Jim Stitzel
    (good sci-fi paranormal horror story)

  • "Midnight Rendezvous" by John Thornquist
    (ribald yet tasteful, classic tale well told)

  • "The Widower's Light" by Flood Vax
    (mournful scene of grief, loss, and love)

  • Blinded by the Light by Bethany K. Warner
    (a well written tale of betrayal and revenge)

  • "Emancipation" by Jaye Wells
    (powerfully painful coming of age story)

  • "Beacons" by John Wilson
    (sweetly told theme of passing-the-flame )

  • Well, it turns out that I liked quite a few of these stories. But now finally, the entry you've all been waiting for: "The Twin Lights of Life and Liberty" by me. Please tell me what you think in the comment section at The Clarity of Night blog. Thanks for reading!


    1. Hi Lyndon,

      It was a fun contest, and I was honoured to see that you included me among your favourites. The best part was for me was 'meeting' new people. It was also great to learn a little bit about the e-community in the blogosphere. (I am getting the lingo down.)

      Looking forward to the next contest!

    2. Hi Lyndon,

      Thanks for linking to my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am so glad Jason held that contest.
      It was a great way to see some of the other talent out there as well as get to know some new writers.


    3. Hi Lyndon,
      I'm flattered that you included my story among your favorites. I enjoyed reading all the stories. :)

    4. Flood, Jaye, Jeff...
      You're all welcome. Enjoyed meeting you and wish you well in your writing future. lgp

    5. So everytime you post you push back your "return from hiatus" date? Hmmm...

    6. Sorry you're "gone" at the moment, but wanted to thank you for including my flash fiction in your list of favorites. Jer

    7. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate you stopping by. Keep writing! :-) lgp


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