Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Headlines

Unsolicited Comments
Humoring Today's Headlines

Bloggers' Convention Draws Democrats
Sketch artists find Dems easy to lampoon

California's Crisis In Prison Systems A Threat to Public
Especially those inmates who escape

Three Detainees Commit Suicide at Guantanamo
Wanted to prove it's a death camp

Democrats Closing Fundraising Gap With Republicans
DNC and GOP finally working together

Reid Seeks More Clarity in Nuclear Intelligence on Iran
Will it take a mushroom cloud or what?

Date Is Set for Vote on Palestinian State
Blind date, that is

NYSE in Europe?
Looking for future Enrons and Worldcoms

Now You Try...
Records for 150,000 Colo. voters missing
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Best So Far (more posted as they come in) ...
Tommy: Florida snowbirds blamed for returning for summer
LadyGunn: Election day now known as the day the music died, er, went MIA


  1. Records for 150,000 Colo. voters missing
    Florida snowbirds blamed for returning for summer

  2. Bob, Thanks for commenting at FBO. And for linking to me. You do know I'm probably more conservative than the others on your blogroll? lol Have a great week.

    Tommy, Great round up of headlines and witty one-liner commentaries at SfA. You're being interviewed by Basil soon, right? Let's get our questions in now folks. ;-)

  3. GOP plan to fix liberal area voting machine and replace them with Diebold pro-American PC systems works


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