Saturday, June 10, 2006

LOST Spam Mail

Dear Friend,

I am Mark Morris of M. Morris & Associates (Solicitors and Advocates), attorney to Mr. Abraham Kraft, (late), a Mechanical Engineering Consultant and hereinafter refer to as my deceased client. My deceased client and his family unfortunately died in a car crash on the 8th day of August 2003 en route to board a flight to Australia.

Whereas he did not write a will or leave information that could trace or locate his relatives, I am saddled with the responsibility to provide his relative who will inherit his outstanding Contracts Payment of $13,000,000.00 as stated in the notice that I received from a Bank, and Ajaokuta Steel Company where my deceased client executed contracts, to provide the my deceased client's relative who will inherit the contracts payment or have it confiscated

First of all, I can't figure out what that last paragraph is trying to say. But what I think really happened was that Kraft faked his and his family's death, actually did board the flight to Australia, collected the money via a Swiss bank account, and then was returning to the United States on Oceanic Flight 815 when it went down somewhere in the Pacific.

Just kidding. But if you want real LOST Experience conspiracy updates, please visit:

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  • The Lost Experience
  • The Lost Experience Clues
  • And The Alternative Reality Game Lost
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