Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday 13 - 1981 Song Edition

Here are some favorite songs from 1981. No particular order. 

What are yours? Do you remember the artists? (answers posted 6/30/06) 

1) ANTMUSIC (Adam & the Ants) 
2) BETTE DAVIS EYES (Kim Carnes) 
3) WHO CAN IT BE NOW? (Men At Work) 
4) THIS OLE HOUSE (Shakin' Stevens) 
5) TURN ME LOOSE (Loverboy) 
6) JESSIE'S GIRL (Rick Springfield) 
7) KEEP ON LOVING YOU (REO Speedwagon) 
8) IN THE AIR TONIGHT (Phil Collins) 
9) SHADDUP YOU FACE (Joe Dolce) 
10) THE TIDE IS HIGH (Blondie) 
11) DE DO DO DO, DE DA DA DA (The Police) 
12) WHO'S CRYING NOW (Journey) 

UPDATE 6/30: Winners Who Took It All ~ Nat, Red, Yellow Rose, Kimba, and honorable mention goes to Tommy

And to answer the question, why 1981? I was in Australia as a foreign exchange student that year. Everything in '81 is marked indelibly in my mind. Case in point, "Do you know what store Ronald Reagan shops at? Target!" (Get it? Get it?) 

At any rate, thanks for stopping. More memories and another contest (from the 60s, hint hint) next Thursday. lgp 

My rememberer sources: Oz Net Music Chart & Rock on the Net 

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  1. 2 kim carnes
    3 men at work
    5 loverboy
    6 rick springfield
    7 reo speedwagon
    8 phil collins (if you gave the name everyone knows the song by this would be a giveaway)
    10 blondie
    13 queen

    it's possible I may have missed one or two, but in 1981 I listened to both kinds of music, country and western, and occasionally, ZZTop or ACDC.

  2. I remember most of them. #3,6,8 and 10 would have to be my favorites. Great list!
    Thanks for visiting TT!
    Have a great Thursday!

  3. Ok Lyn, why 1981.....24 years ago? Any significance?

  4. 13-- ABBA?
    12-- Journey?
    11-- The Police

  5. HOW FUN! Ant music was Adam Ant right? I had a big crush on him! I remember all these songs and who did them all except for number 9.

    Thanks for stopping by my t-13, I guess we both had music on our mind!

  6. I think #9 was Joe Dolce Music Theatre - and was a hit in Australia. Which leads me to why 1981. I was an exchange student there my junior year in hs. Wild, eh? Now you know my age. emaw is correct, sorry Tommy - 13 is ABBA. Reverberate - Phil Collins dominated the 80s didn't he? Christine - I liked Men at Work too(didn't mention Down Under, but that's another one).

  7. Awesome list!!
    Lets see..
    1. Adam & the Ants
    2. Kim Carnes
    3.Men at work
    4. hmmm...was that Steven something?
    5. Loverboy
    6. Rick Springfield
    7. REO
    8. Phil collins
    9. Oh my God! Joe Dolce!
    10. Blondie
    11. The Police
    12. Journey
    13. Abba, of course!

  8. I can jam out to some Rick Springfield! And The Police, Journey, Speedwagon, etc. I love the 80s!

  9. 1 - Adam & The Ants
    2 - Kim Carnes
    3 - Men At Work
    5 - Loverboy
    6 - Rick Springfield
    7 - REO
    8 - Phil Collins
    9 - Joe Dolce
    10- Blondie
    12- Journey
    13- Abba

    Talk about flashbacks!! Love this list!!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Happy Thursday!

  10. Great list - it gave me flashbacks! :)

  11. Ooo...80s flashbacks!! Good list!!

  12. Ok...I'm so bad at remembering artists! But I am definitely singing along with you! I LOVED Shaddup you face....

    Thanks for stopping by my 13!

  13. I guess I must have slept through 1981. Only one of those titles (Betty Davis Eyes) rings a bell!
    Thanks for stopping by my T13.

  14. Kimba, Yellow Rose, and Red win. Thanks for stopping by y'all. lgp

  15. The 80s...that was when I was young and cute....a couple of these I know but not enough to play the game...but this did bring back some memories...:-)

  16. Nice list, I only knew a few!

  17. Well if I hadn't been vacationing then I would have seen this earlier and gotten them all right. You doubt my music prowess? check out fellow buckeye Scooter at
    on the 15th of each month for his music quiz. I've won a couple times.

    Anyway, great list. Although I like Adam and the Ants older stuff like "Stand and Deliver" and "Desparate But Not Serious". I have Men-at-Work's "Overkill" on my Mp3 player and to this day I stop whatever I am doing to listen to The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic".

    Australia! I am so jealous. Australia is the only place on Earth outside the U.S. that I really want to go.

  18. Dane, How was vacation? And now you're at a gaming convention? Wow, tough life. lol. Hey, what do you think about Obama? Isn't he from your home state? Seriously, let me know. lgp

  19. Well, I'm a little late to the party, but I would have won. I would have beat Dane too! ;-) Men at Work was from Australia, right? I loved them! And Loverboy...saw them in concert, in Salina, KS! But ABBA??? Oy!

  20. Oh, great songs... and YES, I recognize almost every one of them. The very first concert I ever went to was ABBA!!!


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