Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Funday

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Bloggin' Outloud!

  1. Women shoplift four times more frequently than Bloggin' Outloud.
  2. Americans discard enough Bloggin' Outloud to rebuild their entire commercial air fleet every 3 months.
  3. Bloggin' Outloud was first grown in America by the grandmother Maria Ann Smith, from whom its name comes!
  4. A sixteenth century mathematician lost his nose in a duel over his love for Bloggin' Outloud, and wore a silver replacement for the rest of his life!
  5. Owls cannot move their eyes, because their eyeballs are shaped like Bloggin' Outloud.
  6. You share your birthday with Bloggin' Outloud.
  7. Bloggin' Outloud can live for up to a week without a head.
  8. Only twelve people have ever set foot on Bloggin' Outloud!
  9. In Vermont, the ratio of cows to Bloggin' Outloud is 10:1.
  10. People used to believe that dressing their male children as Bloggin' Outloud would protect them from evil spirits.
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    This is hilarious!!


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