Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Headlines, Humor, Comment

Unsolicited Comments
Humoring Today's Headlines*

Big Tobacco Lied to Public, Judge Says
"No - cough cough - we didn't," Big Tobacco replies

Allen Quip Provokes Outrage, Apology
Woody sensitive to needs of Soon-Yi

Judge Rules Against Wiretaps
Tips NYT of ruling before hearing the case

Democrats' Stock Is Rising on K Street
Value funds wane, Hedge-your-bet funds on the rise

Republicans Losing The 'Security Moms'
Soccer season about to begin

France Declines to Contribute Major Force for U.N. Mission
Because it's not a major force and has no mission

The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't
FBI 2.0 had too many Windows security flaws

Now It's Your Turn
Lost in an Online Fantasy World
Best of your clever comments here...

* Comments ripped from today's headlines at because they use Technorati. It's like blog fishing.

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