Friday, August 18, 2006

Talkin' Points 08.18.06

I will talk and point throughout the day...
Max Headroom
ante meridiem...

The Difference: "The debate here between Democrats and Republicans isn't over the use of preemptive war . . . but on the assessment of threats to our national security." David Limbaugh has more.

Q&A Friday: Short take on JonBenet, if you're interested.

Funny: Well, I thought the fact that you could generate your own Dummies Book was at least.


Red Alert: Katie Couric Ratings Advisory System

Fight Clubs: Discussion as to why and the moral implications. (HT AJ)

1999: Seven years ago (meme a la LSB) I was not blogging out loud. I was, instead...
  • On staff at our church (still active there, btw)
  • Getting ready to parent middleschoolers (!)
  • And filling my bathtub with water and my basement with beans.
  • Well, 2 out of 3 at any rate.

    post meridiem...

    Humor: A new phrase enters our lexicon. Talk it up.

    Hillbilly Blogroll: This dog can hunt.

    Mystery: Guess the Improper Blogger. Idea in the making.

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