Monday, August 14, 2006

Search String Silliness

Some silly searches brought lots of lurkers to Bloggin' Outloud over the weekend...

Some old favorites...
1) dog fashions japan found my cute little slideshow
2) 4 slugs from a 44 found some headstone humor
3) hawaiian jokes found a whole series of open posts

Some strange encounters...
1) christian boobs did what I thought it would do
2) does catch and release hurt fish? it's a blog game
3) Major WH Lewis - forgot I wrote about him

And one more thing, just to throw it out there (as opposed to letting it have its own entry). I get ticked off when I pull up to an intersection and I want to turn - so I'm looking both ways, right? Then some person on a cell phone pulls up right beside me in a huge SUV and blocks my view. Doesn't that just tick you off?

1 comment:

  1. I love those google search results. I always have people come from the most random searches.


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