Monday, August 14, 2006

Talkin' Points 08.14.06

Max Headroom Watch for more talking points throughout the day...

Week late: Colson is right. There is a controversy. We're talking about it, aren't we?

Rebuttal: Here's the thing. "Some things will be generally agreed to be evil, regardless of someone's metaphysic." The assertion that abortion is not one of those "things" demonstrates the author's moral relativism and proves my point - we operate according to a morality from "outside" ourselves.

Lighter Note: Nature calls. So does intelligence, but no one's home.


Q&A w/ Mike Adams: Is it 'fair' that we should stockpile nuclear weapons and demand that Iran stop seeking even a single short-range nuclear missile? "The answer is no. I don't care about fairness. I care about killing Muslim terrorists." Indeed. (I've always wanted to say that :-)

Thought-provoking: One of the best reflections on the implications of Reutersgate. Like (HT) Glenn says, read the whole thing.

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  1. Two things. First, the existence of a political controversy doesn't indicate a scientific controversy.

    Second, your definition of relativism seems to be off. I'm not a relativist, nor was I arguing for relativism. There is a right answer. I'm just humble enough to acknowledge that we may not know who has it.

  2. I like dialoging with Josh - don't know him at all, but he seems polite while maintaining strong convictions and points out the weaknesses of an opposing view (like I try to do! lol, with a bit of humor and irony thrown in).

    So on to the points - First one: Acknowledged (and actually said that at WE Blog comment today but didn't here). That being said, there is controversy in the scientific community, I am just not equipped at this point to engage in a point for point discussion - I'll leave that to the likes of Jonathan Wells ( and Michael Behe (

    Second, good call. Didn't mean to imply that you were a relativist per se, but the example of abortion demonstrates that relativism is in play. I want to remain humble as well (I'm not claiming to be God) but that shouldn't stop us from calling evil evil. Abortion is an easy one to spot - and it's wrongness exposed by one simple question: Is it a good thing to kill our children?


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