Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Talkin' Points 08.15.06

Listen for more talking points throughout the day...

re Fox: I did not know this. Well. I never did like the ego-centric nature of his billboards. Too bad I'll still have to see him ... in a cowboy hat.

Music: Geriatric rock coming to Wichita.

Feast Day: Yesterday. Kolbe. Auschwitz. Sacrifice. Christ. (HT TFM)

UPDATE Noon...

Profiling and stereotyping - oh, my! Hat tip, La Shawn: "Unfair? Probably. Illegal? No." Especially in light of the alternative.

12 Immortal Incomparables, a quiz for those of us who think we're just too smart. lol

TTLB ecosystem: Malkin #1, but Daily Kos (find him yourself) is #4 with 700,000 daily hits. I said 700,000!

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