Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Supporting the Blue Star Chronicles

What's the Blue Star all about?

Hosted by the Blue Star Chronicles, the primary purpose of the Blue Star Blogroll is to facilitate a network of bloggers who have a special and sincere interest in the well-being of soldiers serving as part of the United States Armed Forces (and Allied forces as well).

Members of the Blue Star Blogroll support our troops. Regardless of our differences of opinion, we are united in our support and appreciation of the men and women in the Armed Forces.

Primary members of the Blue Star Blogroll would be anyone who has a child serving in the military. (You can grab a Blue Star Family button at Blue Star Chronicles.) Other members of the Blue Star Blogroll are relatives and friends of our military men and women. This latter group includes me, Bloggin' Outloud.

Check out the blogroll on the left sidebar. And support and pray for our troops.

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