Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Talkin' Points 08.16.06

I will talk and point throughout the day...
Max Headroom
ante meridiem...

Dell: Send it back before this happens to you.

Warning: Photo might offend you. Undangbelievable.

Free Market Burgers: Wendy's in WV. Surber asks, "...who will need Democrats?"

Ditto Medved: "The problem with Muslim communities in the US and Europe isn't that they face discrimination from their neighbors; it's that they receive dysfunctional, delusional teaching in too many of their own mosques."


Hot Topic: But not new news. Here's a whole series of pictures that lie (HT LSB)

Coffee: Yeah, that's it. I knew it. Coffee is good for you!


post meridiem...

*heh* Hizbullah. Hezbollah. Either way it spells propaganda.

TOP Stories: Dane and Basil are takin' it to the ... headlines.

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