Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Swedish Invasion

Very excited to welcome our new "daughter" from Sweden. For blogging purposes, let's call her Maria (may or may not be her real name, lol). She just started school yesterday and thought it very cool to be a "Senior in High School" (evidently this yearning is in the DNA of teenagers around the world!)

Will keep you posted as to the fun and varied experiences we're sharing throughout the year. But one such cultural exchange has already taken place. We introduced Maria to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She'd always heard about them (too much American TV in Sweden) but had never had one. She is now addicted. Then she introduced us to something we'd never had before! An American product: Kraft Easy Cheese. Go figure.

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  1. Happy to hear Maria (a good Swedish name!) has landed safe and sound! Sorry to hear she so soon have taken the sandwich habit though LoL But as a Scandinavian too, I hope she gets more than peanuts:-)
    Say hello from Norway to her from us!


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