Thursday, August 03, 2006

T13 - Various Jobs Edition

Thirteen Jobs I've Had
(in somewhat chronological order)

No super duper quiz this week, but you can try to guess 4 mystery jobs I've had based on a typical statement or question I might say while working this job. No googling! lol

1. Mow de lawn (that's French for 'cut the grass')
2. Washed dishes, pots, and pans at my dad's restaurant
3. CLUE: "Do they want white or wheat with those eggs?"
4. Mopped floors and bussed tables at my dad's restaurant
5. CLUE: "Do you want white or wheat with your eggs?"
6. Maintenance and counselor at our Christian camp
7. CLUE: "Hey, no running on the deck!" (still at camp)
8. Did #7 again in college while on the swim team (clue!)
9. Plumber's helper - got to clean toilets and pipe fittings
10. Banquet server at a country club during seminary
11. Night security at the seminary (that's when I studied!)
12. Pastoral intern at a church during seminary
13. CLUE: "Please turn in your Bibles to . . ."

UPDATE - Answers:
3. Short order cook - "Do they..."
5. Waiter (Waitress?) - "Do you..."
7/8. Lifeguard - "Hey, no running..."
13. Pastor (see the progression in 10-12?) - "Turn in your bibles..." Well, now wait a minute. That actually sounds like a KGB officer: "Turn in your bibles immediately!" lol Hmm, and since I founded the KGB, you'll never know the truth!

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